Summer Air

24 Grants Pass Middle School students enjoyed an active week of aviation in the Summer Air Academy.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Our Annual Meeting & Party

Thanks to Kathy & Jack Medina for making their lovely home available to us. Brief business and lots of laughs.

President Larry Goynes about to present MOY to Lamar Hanson.

RVF Members Hard At Work

Look at the sweat on their brows. Study their intense concentration. 

And the winner is....

Ed Martin generously contributed an authentic vintage full-scale propeller for auction. Bidding became fierce but Jack Schaefer's wife, Norma won out. Word is that she'll mount to nose of her VW

The Award Nobody Wants

Our revolving trophy for Crash of the Year went to Lloyd Russell. Lloyd "recited" the beautifu and belovedl Calypso he had inherited from his father.

Santa's Nike

Among the door prizes, this high-tech trainer dropped off by Santa.

Things to Come

The meeting devoted a few minutes to progress on the Ft. Vannoy Flying Field. Progress is positive.